American Chávismo [Reblog]

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Photo credit: Lalo Dagach

While I have been aware of Mr. (Lalo) Dagach for several months now through his interactions on Twitter with the likes of Sarah Haider, Sam Harris, Ali. A. Rizvi, Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, Dave Rubin, and others, last night was my first experience with his work in earnest vis-à-vis his appearance on The Rubin Report—and afterward his blog. Of the pieces I read, I chose the following post from 2013—titled American Chávismo—for its prescience regarding several key names and events on our consciences now, be this the case laterally or directly. I recommend you watch Dagach’s interview with Rubin, as it serves as a competent introduction to the man. As likewise does this piece (if, again, laterally) to the entrails of the Venezuelan economy and democracy today, and (the late, now) Hugo Chávez.