A 5G Plea to James O’Keefe, Project Veritas, and Whistleblowers Worldwide

Dear truth seekers and truth tellers,

Your work has so far exposed the operational political bias inside CNN, the criminal neglect of ABC and CBS in the Jeffrey Epstein coverup, and Google’s censorship and election interference. These efforts have not gone unappreciated by those of us in the population who are already awake to elite and establishment corruption, nor unnoticed by the masses who are otherwise, by and large, still in the dark.

The significance of this latter feat cannot be underestimated, as it is your greater mission. You know that it cannot only be the few who fight the fight of the many, the few alone who hold those in positions of influence and power to account, and render systems of injustice just, again or for the first time. You know that should those who seek to repair what is broken fall short in their efforts, the few on their own cannot rebuild or replace it.

In an email sent out this morning, Project Veritas founder and president James O’Keefe wrote, “This is now an avalanche—a movement of Insiders that will help Project Veritas hold the Mainstream Media and Big Tech accountable,” and I write you today with Big Tech, and in specific the impending global rollout of 5G telecommunications technology, as well as smart meters and the broader “Internet of Things”, in mind.

As you may already be aware, 5G has courted intensive controversy since its inception, prompting mass petitions from tens of thousands of scientists and health professionals worldwide, as well as by concerned lay citizens such as myself from hundreds of nations. The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and In Space has, at the time of this writing, nearly 180,000 signatories alone.

Nevertheless, mainstream media outlets from all over the globe remain complicit in government and Big Tech efforts to pacify public perception of the technology, in many cases because the two have literal and significant investment in one another. The headline of an article published on the first of this month by Forbes reads “The Science Of Why 5G Is (Almost) Certainly Safe For Humans”, in which the author argues for 5G’s safety on the basis of the technologies and resulting radiation human beings are already exposed to, yet neglects to mention the following:

  1. There is an unprecedented contrast in potency and thus potential risk between 5G’s electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and those found in present day 3G and 4G telecommunications.
  2. The “millimeter wave” signals on which this technology operates was originally conceived and is still used today as a military weapon to disperse crowds among its many other malevolent functions.
  3. No human or animal health studies have been conducted, either by government or Big Tech—let alone independent labs outside the reach of their compromise and influence—to ensure that the technology is safe.

5G is, therefore, whatever one contends about its safety or lack thereof, an experiment on humanity absent the consent, and in many cases the knowledge, of the very people and communities on whom it will soon be visited. In addition, millimeter wave technology poses especial threat to the youngest and oldest among us, and without comparison to infants in utero and those whose health depends on devices like pacemakers. The fact that this tech is untested, and that governments who are supposed to be charged with protecting their citizenry are, to the contrary, shielding the interests and towing the line of the corporations tasked with its rollout and which stand to make billions in profit, regardless of the risks, forces our collective hand.

We must encourage and stand in solidarity with those who possess insider knowledge of the 5G initiative, on all fronts, to come forward with what they know and expose the recklessness and greed behind it. My hope is that you will not only continue to fight for transparency and accountability in the corporate media sector, but continue the work begun with your exposure of Google and apply the same pressure on government and those Big Tech corporations orchestrating this unprecedented, and unprecedentedly alarming, rollout of 5G.


Kylan Knowler

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