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What disturbs me most is the sloppy thinking, the near universal presumption that certain facts, which aren’t facts at all, are now inviolate and cannot be questioned.

I’m talking about the universal attacks against anyone who even questions vaccines – now denigrated as ‘anti-vaxxers’ or ‘vaccine deniers.’

You’ve probably seen the righteous headlines on both sides of the Atlantic lately, about anti-vaxxer crazies who are essentially deluded and a menace to society.

As Frank Bruni wrote recently, in an opinion piece in the New York Times, ‘This isn’t a public health crisis. It’s a public sanity one.’

Then in the UK, the Spectator recently published an article by Isabel Hardman, “What a baffling group of people anti-vaxxers are. They rail against one of the miracles of modern medicine, peddling scare stories about vaccines which had nearly eradicated many deadly childhood illnesses in the developed world.

“Baffling, of course, is too soft a word for many: they’re dangerous, because their anti-science views don’t just put their own children at risk, but wider society.”

Several states in the US are considering a restriction on exemptions against vaccination.

Of course, anti-vaccine stories on social media are being blamed, and we now have Facebook joining in, threatening to censor ‘anti-vax’ sentiment, and the Johns Hopkins hospital in Florida, announcing that it will no longer treat any child who has not had his or her full course of shots.

European countries are also chiming in, with many countries threatening to make vaccines compulsory.

This latest wave of anti-vaccine sentiment was prompted by an ‘epidemic’ of measles cases recorded in California in 2015 and more than 350 cases reported in the US thus far this year.

Just reactions

All these cases are being blamed on unvaccinated children spreading the illness. But the truth, verified by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is that fully one-third, or 73, of the 194 cases in California recorded in California in 2015 were in fact reactions to the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine itself.

Vaccine makers admit that at least 5 per cent of children getting the MMR will display measles-like symptoms, such as rash or fever – in other words, a mild case of measles – but this new data suggest this type of reaction may be far more common than assumed.

And if that’s true, more than a hundred of the 350 cases of this year’s ‘epidemic’ could simply be reactions to the shot itself.

Indeed, the CDC researchers, working alongside scientists from the Public Health Agency in Canada, are taking this issue so seriously that they are testing two new systems to determine if they can accurately assess whether a case of measles is caused by the virus or is a reaction to the vaccine.

“It is very important to identify vaccine reactions to avoid unnecessary isolation of the patient,” the researchers say.

The truth is more subtle

Whenever there is an outbreak of an illness, it’s always blamed on unvaccinated children and sets off a wave of clampdowns on exemptions. However, the truth about vaccines is far more subtle. I’ve been studying the scientific evidence on vaccines for 30 years and here’s what I’ve discovered:

Vaccines work imperfectly and some work better than others. Most outbreaks occur among fully vaccinated children. Researchers from the University of Michigan, recently studying outbreaks of illness across America and Europe, have concluded that both the mumps vaccine and the acellular whooping cough vaccine last, for at most, 10 years. The resurgence of these illnesses is being seen in people aged between 18 and 29, the vast majority of whom had the recommended two shots when they were small children. This puts around one-third of 10-to-14-year-olds at risk of getting mumps, the researchers warn.

Vaccines do not account for the eradication of disease. The big fall in cases of most infectious diseases occurred well before the advent of universal vaccination. The real heroes were sanitation and good nutrition. Any chart showing the incidence of communicable disease in the 20th century shows this.  Vaccines account for at most a 3 percent drop in the incidence of communicable disease – that’s it.

Vaccines are not harmless. The America Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has paid out a whopping $3.9 billion in compensation to the families of children damaged by vaccines. The vaccine manufacturers pay into this fund. That is tacit acknowledgment that these shots can cause harm.

I could go on and on. And my magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You has – for 30 years. We’ve even published booklets like The Vaccination Bible to offer the other side of the story.

The logic of the herd

What bothers me most is the dumb logic of people arguing that we need universal vaccination for so-called herd immunity. If vaccines worked so well, those parents who wanted their kids vaccinated would have them vaccinated and they would be protected. Those parents who did not want their kids vaccinated would take responsibility for their children getting the diseases or not.

So if vaccines work so well, why are unvaccinated children a ‘menace’ to society? Surely, any ‘risk’ (and I’d argue about the size of the risk of something like measles, mumps or rubella in well-nourished youngsters) is only to the unvaccinated child. And when weighing the risk of the diseases against the risk of vaccination, that should be every parents’ individual decision to make.

As a journalist, I am most shocked by the lack of reportorial inquiry among otherwise respectable publications. It is now taken as read without any sort of dispute, that vaccines save lives and are safe. A cursory glance at the scientific evidence at vaccines shows otherwise.

But here, as usual, it’s important to follow the money. The main group that stands to gain from the demonization of the ‘anti-vaxxers’ is the pharmaceutical industry.

Many newspapers and publications receive advertisement funding from the pharmaceutical industry. Rupert Murdoch’s son James took a job as non-executive board member of GlaxoSmithKline in 2009 – around the time that the London Times started going after Dr Andrew Wakefield for daring to suggest that the MMR vaccine was not perfectly safe.

That’s what’s really going on here. And the newspapers like the Times are in collusion. If the media stops asking the questions and starts accepting its facts fed to it by industry and the government, we are all in trouble.

And I suspect we’re already there.

A shot of sanity

Source: A shot of sanity

I discovered Lynne McTaggart’s work a few weeks ago while searching Audible for David Wilcock’s The Sourcefield Investigations (which I am now listening to). One of the reviews there mentioned McTaggart’s The Field: the Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, which, like Wilcock’s work, explores the topic of the zero point field and how it has been both intentionally misrepresented by mainstream science and suppressed by governments when inventors and scientists have submitted patents and/or prototypes for free energy devices and vehicles powered by this unlimited, universe-encompassing field. Her book is a concise but rigorously researched primer on this energy and its history of experimentation, and the audiobook, read by the author, is a fascinating listen.

After completing the book I jumped into her podcast, Living the New Science with Lynne McTaggart, and her website from which I am sharing the above post on vaccines. Hers and other readings this year have alerted me to the agenda driving vaccinations on a mass scale (the next planned phase of which will attempt to make them compulsory) as well as the horrible truth about some of their most prominent ingredients (e.g. arsenic and thimerosol, which is a mercury-based preservative). Vaccinations in their present global deployment are, believe it or not, part and parcel with GMOs, GeoEngineering, “smart” technologies (which emit cancerous radiation in extremely high levels) and more.

Each falls under an umbrella initiative by the United Nations in the form of two resolutions, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. These are, again believe it or not, depopulation agendas—the means of which are couched in deceptive buzzwords such as “green” and “sustainable” and described in vague and opaque language. The depopulation goal itself is stated openly, as most people worldwide agree that our present population is unsustainable (today we require the resources of one and a half Earth’s to sustain it, which we do not have). The problem however lies both in how the two hundred countries involved plan collectively to depopulate the earth, and to what extremity: not ten or twenty percent, but ninety-five percent. It may sound crazy, but I encourage you to check out some of the links below, see for yourself, and come to your own conclusions.

The same reason I no longer buy non-organic produce, and why I eat foods such as cilantro and make use of a sauna any chance I get in order to detox the metal and chemical particulates of cloud-seeding aerosols, is the reason I will no longer vaccinate until or unless there is not only full disclosure of their contents by our governments, but proof. Proof, that is, which can be duplicated to a T in independent labs.

In the spirit of McTaggart’s article, I am not decrying every vaccine in every circumstance, but imploring everyone who reads this to seek from those groups administering them the same level of transparency and substantiation I have described. We should not be accepting the intrusion of chemical cocktails into our bodies without knowing for certain what they are and what they do.

For decades and decades we were not provided this basic information about GMOs and when the truth (or part of it) was finally brought to light the outrage led to the organic movement and the fight against Monsanto and its counterparts. We are still being denied transparency on GeoEngineering practices and were fed the lie first that these practices weren’t happening at all, and then that blanketing the sky with nanoparticulate metals and toxic chemicals such as bromide and sulfur oxide is a measure to reflect the sun’s rays back out into space and thwart global warming, this despite the fact we are right now at the outset of a “New Little Ice Age.”

In all these cases, we are given no opportunity to consent or not and the practices continue against our knowledge or will. They are therefore human rights abuses, and the more of us that wake up the more chance we have to stop them in their tracks on this basis alone. The U.N. is, unfortunately, not a friend to any of us and commits rogue operations with, again unfortunately, our governments’ full participation. This is why protestations and any demands for accountability and transparency by our governments on the mechanisms of Agenda’s 21 and 2030 are met with ubiquitous, almost verbatim, reply worldwide.

Anything which affects human, animal and environmental health is connected by virtue of that fact alone, but this is not the only link, as I have touched on, between these dark and seemingly disparate practices.

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