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N4G is a news aggregate and community for all things games and gaming. I used it in the past while a contributor to a mediocre games website for exactly a year, and I found it an essential if imperfect tool to gain more traction for articles, op-eds, news. You’re also given the chance to experience the furor and ire of people who disagree with you on a game, company, or public individual and sometimes also your right to exist, which is nice too.

The most memorable such occasion personally was a brief pre-release piece on Bioshock Infinite and my concerns about the final game not being at all representative of its amazing E3 2011 demonstration, one which was made obvious post-release to have been a great load of kitchen swill.

Some people joined me in concern, some others not so much – the latter much more vocal. But the piece made it to the front page of the site, and was in the top five trending stories for a day or two. So, namaste, why not.

My two recent posts here on E3 are my first submissions for my new account at N4G. If you ever want to find my writing on games in one place without having to scour this blog, you can find them listed on the right side of my N4G profile under “submissions”.

Or, if you’d like to confirm my existence before questioning one aspect or other about it, at least now there’s one more portal of proof for you to take that first step.